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Multimode 25gb/S Sfp28 Sr 850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: Sopto
Certification: CE RoHS FCC
Model Number: SPT-SFP28-SR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Packaging Details: 10pcs standard boxes, mass order with carton box package can do OEM according to customer's request.
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,Paypal, D/P
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per month
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Detail Information

Wavelength: 850nm Fiber Type: MMF
Product Name: Fiber Optic Transceiver/ 25g Sfp28 Module Certification: CE RoHS FCC
Transmission Distance: 100m Application: FTTH FTTB FTTX Network,Telecommunication
Data Rate: 25Gb/s Brand: Sopto,OEM
Operating Temperature: Commercial 0 To 70 MOQ: 1pcs
High Light:

850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver


Sr Fiber Optic Transceiver


Sfp28 Transceiver

Product Description

Multimode 25gb/S Sfp28 Sr 850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver


Description of 25g sfp28 SR module


Sopto 850 nm VCSEL 25Gigabit SFP28 transceiver is designed to transmit and receive optical data over 50 μm multimode optical fiber (Table 1).

The SFP28 SR module electrical interface is compliant to SFI electrical specifications. The transmitter input and receiver output impedance is 100 Ohms differential. Data lines are internally AC coupled. The module provides differential termination and reduce differential to common mode conversion for quality signal termination and low EMI. SFI typically operates over 200 mm of improved FR4 material or up to about 150mm of standard FR4 with one connector.

The transmitter converts 25Gbit/s serial PECL or CML electrical data into serial optical data compliant with the 25GBASE-SR standard. An open collector compatible Transmit Disable (Tx_Dis) is provided. Logic “1”or no connection on this pin will disable the laser from transmitting. Logic “0” on this pin provides normal operation. The transmitter has an internal automatic power control loop (APC) to ensure constant optical power output across supply voltage and temperature variations. An open collector compatible Transmit Fault (Tx_Fault) is provided. TX_Fault is module output contact that when high, indicates that the module transmitter has detected a fault condition related to laser operation or safety. The TX_Fault output contact is an open drain/collector and shall be pulled up to the Vcc_Host in the host with a resistor in the range 4.7-10 kΩ. TX_Disable is a module input contact. When TX_Disable is asserted high or left open, the SFP28 module transmitter output shall be turned off. This contact shall be pulled up to VccT with a 4.7 kΩ to 10 kΩ resistor

The receiver converts 25Gbit/s serial optical data into serial PECL/CML electrical data. An open collector compatible Loss of Signal is provided. Rx_LOS when high indicates an optical signal level below that specified in the relevant standard. The Rx_LOS contact is an open drain/collector output and shall be pulled up to Vcc_Host in the host with a resistor in the range 4.7-10 kΩ, or with an active termination. Power supply filtering is recommended for both the transmitter and receiver. The Rx_LOS signal is intended as a preliminary indication to the system in which the SFP28 is installed that the received signal strength is below the specified range. Such an indication typically points to non-installed cables, broken cables, or a disabled, failing or a powered off transmitter at the far end of the cable.


 Fiber type  850nm OFL Bandwidth  Supported Distances (meters)
 50μmMMF  OM4  2 to 100
 50μmMMF  OM3  2 to 70


Table 1: SFP28 SR Operating Range for each Optical Fiber Type


Features of 25g SFP28 SR Module


● 25Gb/s serial optical interface

● 850nm VCSEL transmitter, PIN photo-detector

● Maximum link length of 70m on OM3 MMF and 100m on OM4 MMF

● 2-wire interface for management specifications compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers

● Operating case temperature: 0 to 70°C

● All-metal housing for superior EMI performance

● Low power consumption

● Advanced firmware allow customer system encryption information to be stored in transceiver

● Cost effective SFP28 solution, enables higher port densities and greater bandwidth

● RoHS compliant




● 25GBASE-SR Ethernet

● High-speed storage area networks

● Computer cluster cross-connect

● Custom high-speed data pipes

● Inter Rack Connection




 Product NO.  SPT-SFP28-SR
 Wavelength  850nm
 Product name  25g SFP28 module
 Transmission Distance  100m
 Operating temperature  Standard: 0 to +70°C
 Date rate  25Gbps
 Aplications  25GBASE-SR Ethernet
 Power supply  Single 3.135~3.465V
 Package Type  SFP28


Optical Characteristics


The following optical characteristics are defined over the Recommended Operating Environment unless otherwise specified.


 Parameter  Symbol  Min.  Typical  Max  Unit  Notes
 Center Wavelength λt 840 850 860 nm  
 RMS spectral width Pm     0.6 nm  
 Average Optical Power Pavg -8.4   2.4 dBm  
 Optical Power OMA Poma -6.4 -1.5 3 dBm  
 Laser Off Power Poff     -30 dBm  
 Extinction Ratio ER 2     dB  
 Transmitter Dispersion Penalty TDP     4.3 dB  
 Optical Return Loss Tolerance       12 dB  
 Center Wavelength λr 840 850 860 nm  
 Receiver Sensitivity (Average power) Psens   -9.5   dBm


BER = 1x10-12


 Receiver Sensitivity (OMA) Psens     -10.3 dBm BER <5x10-5
 Stressed Sensitivity (OMA)       -5.2 dBm BER <5x10-5
 LOSAssert LOSA -30     dBm  
 LOSDeassert LOSD     -7.5 dBm  
 LOS Hysteresis LOSH       dB  
 Overload Pin 2.4     dBm Note1
 Receiver Reflectance       -7.5 dB  



1. Typical BER is less than 1x10-12, maximum BER is 5x10-5 .


Multimode 25gb/S Sfp28 Sr 850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver 0

Multimode 25gb/S Sfp28 Sr 850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver 1Multimode 25gb/S Sfp28 Sr 850nm Fiber Optic Transceiver 2

Ordering information


 Part Number  Product Description
 SPT-SFP28-SR  25.78Gbps, 850nm SFP28 SR 100m fiber optic module, 0ºC ~ +70ºC


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