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Vertical Type Optical Fiber Splice Closure Equipped With Air - Core

Product Details:
Model Number: SPFC-NV-XXH-2/2A
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Packaging Details: 550*450*480/6PCS; 15KG/6PCS
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Detail Information

Size: Φ190×435mm Net Weight: 2.5kg
Cable Diameter: Φ7~Φ22 Work Temperature: -40 °C ~+60°C
Max Capacity: 96 Single Fiber Trays NO.: 4
High Light:

fiber optic splice enclosure


fiber splice box

Product Description

Fiber Closure Vertical type 24 Cores Splice Tray 2 IN 2 OUT Hot melt sealing


The SPFC-NV-XXH-2-2A series Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure is used in aerial,wall-mounting applications,for the straight-through and branching splice of the fiber cable.The closure has four entrance ports on the end (three round ports and one oval port ). The box body and the base are sealed with the silicone rubber. The cable seal is sealed with a heat shrinkable tube.The box suitable for Ф 7 -Ф 22 cable in and out.




The fiber optic splice closure consists of cover,pedestal,splice tray,hoop,optical cable storage box,single fiber splice tray. The maximum capacity 24 cores per tray

This is single fiber splice closure, it provide with one elliptical port and 3 round ports.The elliptical port, which can hold two stick optical cables.

The cable entry ports are sealed with heat shrinkable tube.

The product are available for aerial,underground, duct-mounting .

The case body is made from imported high-intensity engineering plastics(MPP) and formed the shape with mould plastics under high pressure.with the advantages of less weight, high mechanical intensity, corrosive-resistance, anti-thunderstruck and long service life.

Equipped with air - core and installation



 Item  Parameter
 Type  SPFC-NV-XXH-2-2A
 External Size  Φ190×435mm
 Net weight  2.5kg
 Cable ports  One elliptical port and 3round ports.
 Way to install

 Pole-mounting /Wall-mounting/Aerial installationWall-mounting

 Cable diameter  Φ7~Φ22
 Capacity of splice tray  24 single fiber
 Sealing structure  Heat shrinkable sealing structure silicon gum material
 Max. Number of Trays  4
 Max Capacity  96 single fiber
 Work Temperature  -40 °C ~+60°C
 Voltage resistance strength  15 kv dc, 1 minute no breakdown, no flash over phenomenon.
 Insulation resistance


 Tensile force  ≥800N
 Sealing  inflatable make the internal pressure of 100 kpa, into the water to observe more than 15 min, airless bubble generation, air pressure is not falling.
 Impact strength impact energy under16N.m, impact times for 3 times, no cracks


Vertical Type Optical Fiber Splice Closure Equipped With Air - Core 0



 I,optical cable installation

1.saw the entry port for easy inserting the optical cable.

2.clean the dust and other stains on the optical cable(about 1.8m) with clean cloth.

3.insert the optical cable into entry port

II,optical cable preparation

1. strip the protective sheath of optical cable, clean the fillings on the loose tube, cut off reinforced core which 75mm away from the sheath slice.

2. cut loose tube ,which 35mm away from the cable slices, clean the grease on the optic fiber, insert the fiber into the exposed wire protective sleeve.

3.insert reinforced core into reinforced core fixing screws, and press it tightly, cut off surplus part.

III,elliptical port sealing

1.clean the elliptical port and protective sheath with paper or cloth.

2.abrade the elliptical port and protective sheath,then clean the leavings.

3.put heat shrinkable tube 3(b) on the elliptical port,then paste a mark on the optical cable which on bot tom of the tube.

4.paste another mark 5mm away from the first mark

5.wind the heat alumimun screen around the optical fiber from the second mark.

6.when install second optical cable, please choose heat shrinkable tube according to the size of cable and insert branch card. (remarks: insert all branch card into heat shrinkable tube)

7.heat the shrinkable tube, until the mucus sliding from the two cables.

IV,optic fiber installation

1.every splice tray can hold maximum 24 fibers, the margin of the tray can hold 2 sticks exposed fiber protective sleeve,

2.cut off surplus protection sleeve,and fix the protection sleeve on the fiber splice tray with

nylon tie.

V,optic fiber connecting and storage.(picture 4

1.connect optic fiber according to the connection requirements.

2.set the splices in the tray grooves, surplus fibers coiled in the tray.

3.check the fibers,and put transparent cover on ,fix it on the splice tray.

VI,splice closure installation

1.put the cover on the pedestal and seal them with hoop

2.pole-mounting please choose accessories 1 and 9

3.wall-mounting please choose accessories 13 


Ordering Information


 Model No.  Description  Size  Package  Weight/ carton
 SPFC-NV-24H-2/2A  Fiber Closure Vertical type 24 Cores Max , 24 Cores Splice Tray 2 IN 2 OUT Hot melt sealing type A  Φ190×435mm  550*450*480/6PCS  15KG/6PCS
 SPFC-NV-48H-2/2A  Fiber Closure Vertical type 48 Cores Max , 24 Cores Splice Tray 2 IN 2 OUT Hot melt sealing type A  Φ190×435mm
  SPFC-NV-72H-2/2A  Fiber Closure Vertical type 72 Cores Max , 24 Cores Splice Tray 2 IN 2 OUT Hot melt sealing type A  Φ190×435mm
 SPFC-NV-96H-2/2A  Fiber Closure Vertical type 96 Cores Max , 24 Cores Splice Tray 2 IN 2 OUT Hot melt sealing type A  Φ190×435mm

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